CityHiker is an app that helps you find the terrain you want. Looking for steep hills to climb? We’ll show you something challenging. Desperate for flat ground to make your commute easier? We can guide you around the hills.


The app offers a core set of features related to terrain data.

Scout Mode

In Scout mode, you are free to move the map around. Explore the neighborhoods around you, or discover new destinations.

Wander Mode

Wander mode centers the map on your current location and orients the map from your perspective.

Workout Mode

In Workout mode, you describe your goals, and we suggest some paths. You can see the selected path on the map, along with your current location.


It all started with a silly idea. What if there were an API for querying the percent grade of a road segment? I found no such service in any Google search. More thorough research showed nothing. One result was similar: Google offers an Elevation API. They will tell you the elevation of a point in lat/lng coordinates. I set out to publish one web service, composed of data from two source APIs. Elevation data would only prove useful if I had road intersection data. The road data came from OpenStreetMap. Putting it all together, I published what is now known as CityHiker API.

CityHiker is an open source project devoted to the pursuit of improved tools for interacting with geospatial data. In particular, graph representations of geo data and the navigation thereof are highlights of this effort.

About The Author

CityHiker is the product of Aubrey Goodman, interaction engineer and lifelong student of geospatial and data visualization sciences. He seeks to explore the boundaries between art and science. His recent notable public work includes principal prototyping for USGS iCoast. He also publishes work on an ongoing basis to a gallery of origami sculpture and co-hosts a podcast.